A Bit About Us


Feel at ease knowing your pet is safe in our care! Our non-aversive training techniques ensure your dogs are well trained, pain-free.

Heather, Vet Tech & CCS Student

Heather attended Northern College where she graduated from a 3 year Veterinary Technology & Wildlife Rehabilitation program. During this time, she became a Registered Vet Tech and started her career working with laboratory and shelter animals. After 8 years, she decided to take a step back from animal medicine and focus on dog training. She is now enrolled in Norma Jeanne’s Canine Correspondence Studies (CCS) dog training program. Until she becomes a certified trainer, her focus at Refined Canine is to offer exceptional puppy imprinting, boarding, and daycare services.


Kyla started at the local shelter in the summer of 2012 where she developed her skills and increased her love for dogs. There she shadowed under many wonderful trainers and worked closely with a number of rescues and other SPCA’s in the country. She is also a student of CCS and is a member of the International Positive Dog Training Association (IPDTA). At the shelter she was responsible for the assessments of each dog creating individual behaviour modification plans and rehoming thousands of dogs. She has also spent much of her time educating city bylaw officers, government agencies, and other shelters. She specializes in dog behaviour and aggression. Currently Kyla is offering, board and train, imprinting, basic obedience, in-home training, education, and behaviour therapy.


Shawna originally found herself taking a different career path, but her passion for animals could not be denied. Shawna began her journey at a local pet store learning the in’s and out’s of dog ownership and grooming before finding herself at the local Humane Society. There she began to extend her knowledge and work one on one with not only homeless and abandoned dogs but also cats. She found a particular interest in dog behaviour and training and decided to enrol in Canine Correspondence Studies (CCS). Shawna currently offers imprinting, board and train and in home training while shadowing under Kyla Godin.